Catchy name for Jewelry Business!?!?**HELP?!?**?

July 11, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Handmade Jewelry

Okay so I am starting a new business and I will be selling handmade hemp silver charms, etc. and other gifts. My name is Heather Nichole and I would like to try and make it work into the store name. I was thinking of a play on words like HEMPpi. or something to that sort but I am at a lose for words. Any suggestions and slogans as well would be much apriciated. I also like things dream like. THANKS!
What do you think about HEMPpi Charm? Is it too cheesey? I dunno.
Also one of my friends call me starlight.

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7 Responses to “Catchy name for Jewelry Business!?!?**HELP?!?**?”

  1. Caitlin D Says:

    just do something… maybe… professional

    like H.N. jewlrey and co

    or do an inside joke you have with a friend

    like i started making clothing and i called it
    pants me twice

    an inside joke would be funny

  2. vsweety Says:

    If you were to show pics of your collection, it would help people get a better understanding of the jewelry you have.

  3. lyndsey! Says:

    Hemp by Heather
    Heather’s Hemp

    idk lol

  4. kristen Says:

    this doesnt have ur name but maby prince charming or
    H &N

  5. Gabrielle*With Love Says:

    Charmed by H&N

  6. He Rocks My World Says:

    here’s some

    Heather’s Hemp

    Heather’s Handmade Hemp


  7. emmasnw Says:

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